Why Flowers Are a Perfect Gift at Valentines

If you think of Valentine, and see it through the lenses, you will find that it’s timeless. The theme for Valentine’s Day has for centuries being centered on love. Without flowers at Valentine, your day and that of your loved ones wouldn’t be complete. If you ever offered a gift of flowers during the Valentine’s Day, it’s most likely it was a rose, so why has the tradition been so? Roses are beautiful, elegant, and are the perfect way you can show love and affection to your friends, colleagues, mom, dad, daughter or even your grand papa. That said, let’s see why flowers are the right gift in time of valentine.

Flowers Are a Symbol of Expressing Emotions

Okay, you think chocolate is the perfect match for expressing love and romance? May be, but let’s face it, without flowers, how would chocolate have any unique meaning? Now, get a pack of chocolate and spruce it up with flowers to give you a gift for your loved one. That sounds pretty romantic and full of love. No matter the kind of flower you are thinking of, it will always be a symbol to express romance and love.

Many Cultures Hold the Tradition of Gifting People with Flowers

Offering gifts in time of Valentine is something with a complex history and it dates back in those ancient times. During the Victorian era, things may have been rigid and strict than you find today, probably romance wasn’t so formal. Nonetheless, couples and secret admirers continued to express and show love in their relationship by use of flowers. It’s also during that time when floral dictionaries turned popular, showing people the kind of flowers they could choose and the mythological meanings attached to those flowers. The Valentine’s Day culture continues to blossom today and one thing that has stood the taste of time is giving flowers to the loved ones.

Flowers Are a Language by Themselves

During the Victorian period, many flower dictionaries became published, first one being in 1819 by a lady known as ‘Madame Charlotte de la Tour’. The language of flowers or floriography also emerged during the same era where people sent secret messages using flowers as the symbol objects. For instance, red rose gives the meaning of love, and since the ancient times, this theme hasn’t changed much, anyway. If you want to tell your partner ‘love at first sight’ you would just snip off those thorns, and there you are, you have added an extra layer of meaning to the red rose. During this Valentine’s Day, if you fancy someone, you wouldn’t just go grinding up against them in that famous club or swiping the card, consider a bouquet of red roses and some wine or chocolate pack, it makes their day. With flowers at Valentine, you are lifting the ancient Valentine’s Day culture and traditions high while saying that personalized, unique message to a person you specially love. You can’t imagine of a better of way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day without the pack of flowers in your to-buy list of items.